Who is the Captain Crapper?

Captain of This Sh*t

PooSpray.com and the Captain Crapper have years of experience in the Poo Poo Lounge

The Captain Crapper is here to bring you the latest and greatest in covering up your poo smells from the poo poo lounge. If you are like the captain crapper, you also, have had many years experience in the poo poo lounge getting it done. From small to large and stringy to bulgy, the Captain Crapper has seen it all! If you have experienced a massive poo that is rather shy or skinny poo that has something to scream about, chances are you’ve wanted to shut both of them up! Getting your poo smell under wraps is one of the most important things you can possibly doo.

You Think Your Poo Don’t Stink?

(Outkast – Roses – Poo Spray Remix)

  • I know you’d like to thank your ishh don’t stank
  • But lean a little bit closer
  • See that roses really smell like poo-poo
  • Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo

We have all at some point thought our poo doesn’t stink and for good reason, maybe it didn’t. Lets face it folks, all poo will eventually smell like a rank skunk on the side of the freeway waiting for skunk patrol to come by and rid the planet of something that crawled up you booty hole to die. Everyone has had that moment in the poo poo lounge where it starts to breath something incredible, and sometimes, were proud! But when that moment comes and you are on a first date, at the in laws house or even with your girlfriends in the bathroom, you will need something to cover up that Eggs Benedict from the night before. The Captain Crapper is the first person to admit it, yep, my poo definitely stinks and the sooner you come to the realization that your roses really smell like poo-poo, yeah roses really smell like poo-poo, the sooner you will be able to pick up a bottle or Poo Spray, Poop Spray or Poo Pourri and be in flower heaven.

Your Poo Definitely Stinks!

Think about all those times you have been in the poo poo lounge and you let a massive crapper go, rampantly flushing and all of a sudden, a clog or even worse an over flowing toilet, NOOOO!!! It happens to everyone folks and Captain Crapper is here to fill you in on a little secret and that is DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and Instructions. Captain Crapper has developed many different DIY Poo Pourri Recipes and Instructions for all you stinky booties out there who are looking to switch up the stink hole and turn it into a wonderful production of fresh outdoors or even a rose garden.

What are you waiting for? Turn your booty into a wild flower garden or a production of beautiful lavender land sliders. Make sure people aren’t giving your brown eye the stink eye and start mixing and blending your own DIY Poo Pourri Today! Make your booty smell fruity and choose the Captain Crapper way, DIY Poop Spray is what were all about, were here to make sure you always have a tuti fruity booty!

Sincerely Yours – Captain Crapper

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