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Our Background – A Slightly Organic Food, Home, Health and Lifestyle Blog

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Slightly Organic is a collection of all things food, cooking, garden and organically cooked meals. Whether we purchase our ingredients from our local farmers market or the grocery store, we try to buy as much local and organic as possible. It is hard to cook with all organic ingredients but we do our best. Follow along, feel free to comment on our posts and let us know if you have any questions. Below you will find recent slightly organic recipes and garden news from the Greene Family Collective.

Slightly Organic is a Greene Family blog and small time website that is for our viewing pleasure of cooking, living in the kitchen, home and garden adventures along with all things food. We love food. We are a family of food lovers and everyone in the family is always in the kitchen and or doing a little home improvement project. Most of the information and blog posts on the website are about food, the garden and living life in the kitchen.

The Greene Family is made of Brad, Lori, Brenan (Bgreene), Jeannette (JcGreene), Breana, Toby, Lori, and most recently and probably the cutest; Ruby. There are many other family members t hat circle the Greene Family but these are the core few who are the biggest lovers of food in the family. With our “Green Thumbs”, the Greene Family continues to strive for the biggest and best Organic Veggies every year and yes we are pretty competitive. Every one of our family members has something to add to the blog. Whether it is at the Brenan (Bgreene) and Jeannette (JcGreene) residence in Sacramento or right down the street in Santa Cruz, there is always a little something special going on in our family around food.

The Greene Family Collective

The Greene Family Collective is a collaboration of organic food recipes, organic food gardening and living life in the kitchen. From small home improvement projects to mouth-watering organic food recipes, we post it all. From time to time, we also post the spur of the moment lunch or food outing. From holidays to your basic Tuesday night, we strive to bring value to the table each and every time we cook. The Greene Family is always looking for new recipes but some are family favorites and yes, they will be shared. About us as individuals, most of the posts about 99% of them will be from Brenan, and me; JC. The first thing you should know is this: I’m a writer; I love to write.  And I write how I talk.  So this is me.  Plain and simple. No fluff, and definitely no stammering around what I have to say. Again, if you have any questions please comment on the posts or send us an email anytime.

About the Blog “Another Food Blog” – Really?

As another food blog site, we wanted to bring more value to the table than most of the others out there. We are an avid family who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and instead of your run of the mill cooking blog, we want more of a picture heavy food blog. As a food fanatic, you hate when recipe websites or recipe blogs have no pictures!! That sucks!

We wanted our food recipe blog to be an American food blog mixed with an Italian food blog mixed with an organic food blog and touches of a healthy food blog. Let’s face it, we all love butter so this will not be a “lose weight blog” or fitness food blog, although we may have some recipes from time to time that simulates that.

Most importantly, we wanted to have a picture heavy food blog. We really strive for the pictures on our food blog to tell the story as opposed to your run of the mill recipe blog with one or two pictures and then some reviews of people that didn’t cook the meal right.