How Much is Poo Pourri?

How Much Does Poo Pourri Cost
How Much Does Poo Pourri Cost

If you buy Poo Pourri ready-made, it will cost you about $10 for a medium size bottle

It’s really a good deal – it only takes a few squirts each time you go to the restroom to keep from stinking up the house and will last you up to 100 uses. We call that a win! It’s convenient, easy, and obviously makes everyone’s life a whole lot better. But there are also ways that you can save money on Poo Pourri, and we don’t just mean buying cheap off-brand imitations that use artificial fragrances and don’t work as well. We mean making your own.

What is the cost of Real Poo Pourri?

  • Gift Box (2) 2OZ Bottles: $20.95
  • (1) 4OZ Bottle: $14.95
  • Glitzy Spritz Refillable Sprayer: $11.95
  • (1) 2OZ Bottle: $9.95
  • (1) 1OZ Bottle: $6.95

How do you make your own Poo Pourri?

There are quite a few different recipes for DIY Poo Pourri out there for you to try, and we suggest that you experiment and find the one that you like best, or make up your own! What they all have in common is essential oils and water. Some people also use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol to help the essential oils stay suspended in the water instead of separating out on top. Other people don’t like the smell that the rubbing alcohol gives and just prefer to use pure essential oils and water. If you don’t use any alcohol, you’re going to have to shake the bottle vigorously before you use it every time. If you do use alcohol, you should still shake the bottle but it won’t take as much shaking to make sure the oils are distributed equally throughout.

What is the cost of Homemade DIY Poo Pourri?

  • NOW Solutions Glycerine Vegetable, 16-Fluid Ounces: $9.00
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP, 16-Fluid Ounces: $10.00
  • Essential Oil Lemongrass, 1-Fluid Ounce: $5 (Ranges from $5-$20)
  • Essential Oil Orange, 1-Fluid Ounce: $5 (Ranges from $5-$20)
  • Distilled Water, 128-Fluid Ounces: $25

After we have detailed out the cost of DIY Poo Pourri Products, we can then determine how many drops of essential oil will work for the amount of other poo pourri ingredients we have. Lets determine how many drops are in 1OZ of an Essential Oil bottle.

How many drops are in 10z bottle?

  • 1 Fluid OZ = 29.57 ml
  • 1 ml = about 20 drops
  • 29.57 X 20 = Roughly 590 drops

What exactly are we using per 4OZ bottle for DIY Poo Pourri?

*6 Teaspoons (Tea) = 1OZ

  • 25 drops essential oil 1 per 4OZ bottle: (590/25) = 23 Bottles
  • 25 drops essential oil 2 per 4OZ bottle: (590/25) = 23 Bottles
  • 1 Teaspoons (Tea) Vegetable Glycerine: (1Tea X 96 = 16OZ) = 96 Bottles
  • 1 Teaspoons (Tea) Rubbing Alcohol: (1Tea X 96 = 16OZ) = 96 Bottles
  • 3.9/4Oz Distilled Water: (128/4) = 32 bottles

Lets just take the example of 32 Bottles since that’s the amount of distilled water we are working with. Since we have 128 ounces of distilled water, that would create 32 bottles, we are going to add 1 teaspoon to each ounce so that would be 32 teaspoons (Tea) of Vegetable Glycerine and 32 Teaspoons (Tea) Rubbing Alcohol and 1600 drops of Essential Oils (that’s Combined Essential Oils 25+25 = 50 X 32 = 1600). We still have enough Vegetable Glycerine (64 Bottles, Rubbing Alcohol (64 Bottles) and Essential Oils (14 Bottles) left over.

So what is the cost per 40z bottle of DIY Poo Pourri? – 32 4OZ Bottles = $54

  • Vegetable Glycerine $9.00
  • Rubbing Alcohol: $10.00
  • Essential Oil 1: $5
  • Essential Oil 2: $5
  • Distilled Water: $25
  • 32 4Oz Bottles of Homemade DIY Poo Pourri: $54
  • 32 4Oz Bottles of Real Poo Pourri: $478.40

Keep in mind, you still have enough of the other ingredients left over to make much more diy poo pourri. Realistically you are looking at somewhere around 100 Bottles for only $50+ bucks. If you purchased 100 bottles of Real Poo Pourri in the store you would be looking at spending $1500.00.

Recipe for DIY Poo Pourri

DIY Poo Pourri Recipe Ingredients
DIY Poo Pourri Recipe Ingredients

The ratio of essential oils to water is about 40-100 drops of essential oils to 4 ounces of water, depending on how potent you want your poo pourri recipe to be. This will give you the same concentration that classic Poo Pourri uses. The essential oils you use will just depend on your personal preferences. Pick your favorite fragrances and have fun! Bergamot essential oil is the main scent in classic Poo Pourri. Lemon is a popular scent to combine with Bergamot. If you’re looking for something woodsy and exotic, try Sandalwood. If you want comforting and home-like, go for Cinnamon and Clove. If you already have essential oils in your cabinet, start by playing around with the oils you already have. If you’re new to essential oils and have never experimented with them before, head on over to your local health foods store where there are often testers for you to smell before you buy.

Benefits of buying versus making Poo Pourri

It is entirely up to your personal preference. You can absolutely make a DIY Poo Pourri that does the job just as well as the original store-bought brand, for much cheaper per bottle. However, it takes time to make your own Poo Pourri and you’re going to have to buy bottles, make your own labels, and do a lot of steps that are a lot more complicated than just going to the store and buying the stuff, or ordering a bottle online here. Also, essential oils can be expensive. Once you buy a bottle of essential oil it will last for a long time and has many household uses above and beyond making DIY Poo Pourri, and this is where people see the money savings making their own Poo Pourri. But there can be a bigger up-front cost of buying the different essential oils you want to combine for your Poo Pourri than just buying the brand name itself. Once you have bought those essential oils, though, you will be able to make many, many batches of Poo Pourri with them.

What do you have to lose?

Whether you buy brand-name Poo Pourri or make your own is up to you, but we can tell you exactly what you have to lose: embarrassment! Whether you have a big client meeting to go to or don’t want your new girlfriend to smell last night’s burritos in her bathroom, Poo Pourri is a lifesaver (and a face-saver, too!). We’re not saying to go around telling people you don’t poop, but you can keep their noses from telling them that you did just poop!