How To Make Poo Pourri Spray

How To Make Your Own Poo Pourri

In another post we showed you how to make DIY Shoe Pourri at home. So what about making your own poo pourri poo spray? If you have ever tried the original Poo-Pourri, you probably have noticed that it quickly becomes impossible to live without it. Once you have experienced what it is like to not stink up the bathroom, no matter how big or toxic your “business” is, it just feels incredibly embarrassing and uncivilized to let anyone else ever smell the after-effects of your digestion. Ever.

You’ll start traveling around with a pocket-sized bottle of the stuff in case you have to go in a public restroom. You’ll hand it to your guests before they “borrow the facilities” at your house to protect them from embarrassment and you from gaining a much more intimate knowledge of your friends than anyone should ever have.

But another thing you have probably noticed if you have become hooked on the original Poo Pourri is that it is not exactly the cheapest product out there. Whether you are buying Poo Pourri spray at QVC, Walmart, or Amazon, you’re going to be paying somewhere around $10 a bottle for just a few ounces of this stuff that you really can’t live without. Eventually, it starts to get expensive just to go to the bathroom.

That’s why we were excited to find a recipe for DIY Poo Pourri No. 2 Spray. You can make your own poo pourri poo spray for pennies on the dollar compared to what it costs to buy the name brand stuff. All it takes is three bottles of essential oils, a spray bottle, and water! Sure, we recommend and review several poo pourri products, but this is for those who want a DIY solution to save some money! Also, its a lot of fun experimenting with different poo spray scents and essential oils.

High-end Essential Oils For Homemade DIY Poo-Pourri

Don’t skimp on your essential oils. When you go looking for essential oils to make your own DIY No. 2 poo pourri poo spray, you’ll find a huge variety of prices. Make sure you’re paying at the higher end, not the lower end. Trust on this. Super cheap essential oils are that way for a reason – and usually it’s because they’re cutting the potent essential oils with carrier oils such as olive oil or even mineral oil.

Essential Oils for DIY Poo Spray

Essential oils are expensive to make, and the price of each kind varies depending on how hard it is to grow the plant it is derived from and how much of the plant is needed to make the essential oil. Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil because it takes some twenty or more pounds of fresh rose petals to make one 5-mL bottle of essential oil. Other kinds of essential oil are much easier and cheaper to manufacture, so the price per bottle is lower. Do make sure you are getting 100% essential oil from a reputable company and expect to pay a fair amount for each bottle.

But I thought this was supposed to be cheap?

When you make poo pourri spray is still much cheaper than buying the original poo pourri poo spray or other name brand toilet poop sprays. This is the case even if you get the high-quality essential oils you need.

Here’s why: essential oils are super, super concentrated. You are only going to be using 20 drops of each fragrance to make this super-strong version. You can use fewer drops to make a less concentrated version of DIY poo spray, but then you’ll have to spray more into the toilet before you go. It’s six to one, half dozen to the other. But whether you make this concentrated recipe or a normal strength recipe, you’re still going to get many, many bottles of homemade poop spray out of your essential oils investment.

Making Your Homemade Poo-pourri Spray: The Poo Spray Recipe

If you’re dying for the secret recipe for Poo Pourri No. 2 (or at least a mixture that smells just like it; their recipe is patent pending and may include unicorn farts or something), here it is!

Homemade Poo Pourri Spray Ingredients

  • 20 drops Bergamot essential oil
  • 20 drops Grapefruit essential oil
  • 20 drops Lemongrass essential oil
  • Spray bottle
  • Water

That’s it to make your own poo pourri poo spray! Just put 20 drops of each variety of essential oil in your glass spray bottle, fill it up the rest of the way with water, shake it, and enjoy your amazing DIY no smell poop spray! You can save tons of money by making poo spray yourself and you can also experiment with different essential oils to make different scents.