Chicken Fajitas Featuring Rare Organic PURPLE Bell Peppers


My inspiration for Chicken Fajitas

Wow, so one of my first posts for Slightly Organic and my inspiration for the meal this evening is the absolutely gorgeous purple bell pepper front and center.

Honestly I’ve never seen a purple bell pepper before and all the reading I’ve done says they’re very similar to green and red bell peppers; but slightly more bitter. That said, when I’m cooking something for the first time I tend to keep it simple and stick to what I know; and lets face it, you’ve got to be pretty off your game to mess up chicken fajitas.

Plus, my man is helping his buddy move this weekend and it’s a good thing that you can eat all weekend and not have to do a ton of cooking the entire weekend.

Before I even get into the recipe or how unique and special the purple peppers are I wanted to comment on a few of the items above.

First comment is the Whole Foods bag, did I shop there today, yes! Do I shop there all the time; no. Do I have anything against Whole Foods; absolutely not. I just don’t want you all to think I’m one of those people that thinks I can’t cook healthy and slightly organically unless the food is purchased at a specialty market. In fact; most of the groceries we buy are at our local market or even Costco.

Next items are the partial onions, they’re what I had in my produce drawer in the fridge. Same with that weird looking pepper I don’t know what kind of pepper it is exactly I’m just hoping it’s not too incredibly hot and I can give my toddler some of the veggies and chicken in her lunch tomorrow.

It’s tucked away but it is there is some store bought pico de gallo; its under the yellow onion. If you find a quality store made product that’s delicious, just use it. I’m not here to say everything we make is organic. Just most of it is. The reason we became more involved in cooking organically is like most people, we had a child and we wanted to know what we were putting in her body.

As she gets older we know we can’t control all that she eats and even as she begins school you hope that when it’s not your turn to bring snack that other parents are conscious about what goes into their child’s body.

So that’s a little bit about our family, now lets get into the cooking and recipe.

I started by slicing the produce, peppers and onions.


I used a 12” non-stick pan on med-high; hit it with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and let it get nice and hot.

I cooked the peppers first, then about 4 min in, I added the onions. The peppers take a little longer to cook due to the thickness, plus I tend to like to leave my veggies a little al dente. AND I’m likely going to make a little fajita scramble for breakfast tomorrow.


Don’t go thinking this is gourmet, fajita scramble in our house is scrambled eggs with cheese with these fajita veggies and chicken thrown in a tortilla with some hot sauce.

I think I cooked the veggies in total about 7-9 min maybe less, you’ll know when they get to the consistency you like. When they are cooked to your liking; I transferred them to a large bowl.

In the same 12″ skillet I added another heaping tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and let it warm up.

Next step – add the protein.


I sliced the chicken and threw it in the pan and generously sprinkled with salt, pepper and minced garlic. The garlic is from a jar and I’m totally fine with that, my guy likes fresh chopped garlic but I don’t like my fingers to smell like garlic and unless it’s something super special, I’m over chopping and peeling garlic. The jar is fine with me.

I also sprinkled about a teaspoon and a half of taco seasoning and about a half teaspoon of ground cumin on the chicken.


The pix below are the chicken in the pan with seasoning. I left the garlic in clumps before I stirred it all around so you could see how much I used.

Heres what it looks like fully cooked.

I cooked the chicken all the way through and then threw it in the bowl with the veggies. Some people like it separate; we aren’t incredibly particular and it’s less dishes etc. Plus again this is just a super casual Friday night, hanging with family and close friends meal.

I put the bowl of chicken and veggies out featuring of course our extra special organic purple bell pepper. Also at the store they told me it was a non-GMO pepper.


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