Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Recently we had a local landscape design company (The Paver Company in Sacramento), install a new artificial lawn! We are so excited. We wanted to share with everyone why we switched. It looks so real!! You can check out their landscape design portfolio to get an idea of their work. , they really do a good job. A little on the high side buy well worth it.

Natural lawns, when properly maintained, enhance the beauty of any home. A lush, healthy lawn, however, requires regular maintenance. Due to the time, effort and costs associated with natural lawn upkeep, more people are considering the alternative – artificial grass (or synthetic turf).

Originally, artificial grass was created to be used in sporting arenas such as football stadiums. Maintaining natural grass at these venues required a tremendous amount of costly upkeep and manpower. Nowadays, we see more people using artificial lawns on applications such as landscaping, backyard putting greens and pet areas.

Here are some of the reasons why we switched from natural grass to artificial grass:

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

Once installed, artificial grass requires little maintenance. With a natural lawn, regularly mowing and watering is essential. This is not the case with artificial grass which does not need to be mowed and watered to maintain its beauty. There is some maintenance required to keep a synthetic turf looking its best but not nearly as mush as upkeep required to maintain the aesthetics of a natural lawn.

  • Saves Money

Water bills can run high when watering natural lawns on a regular basis. Installing artificial grass conserves water usage, which goes a long way in cutting water costs. Artificial lawns also save on fertilizer and pesticides costs as well as costs for gas used in mowers. Since they do not require regular maintenance, you also save costs associated with hiring a professional gardener. This is not to say that installing artificial grass is cheap – it requires an initial investment but in the long run, you actually save quite a bit of money. Besides these cost savings, government programs offer cash incentives for installing artificial grass.

  • Looks and Feels Great

Here at FiveSTAR Landscape, our grasses not only look like natural grass but have a fantastic texture that make them feel real as well. We offer a variety of grasses and we invite you to stop at our store anytime to see and feel for yourself how incredibly real our grasses look and feel.

  • Eco-Friendly

Due to the fact that artificial grass does not require chemicals – such as those found in pesticides and fertilizers – to help protect and grow the grass, artificial grass is eco-friendly as they reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment. Also, mowing, blowing and trimming of natural lawns using electric- and gas-powered equipment pollutes the air.

  • Long-Lasting and Durable

The life expectancy of artificial grass can be more than 15 years. Yup – you read that right – 15 years! This means that the upfront costs of installing artificial grass is recouped in the long run. Synthetic turf is also extremely durable and can withstand high amounts of traffic and a range of weather conditions much better than natural grass.

  • Grass is Always Green

Natural lawns sometimes turn brown and unsightly, especially when they are not properly maintained or in seasons of extreme drought. This is one problem you can avoid if you use artificial grass. During winter, natural grass may turn brown and during summer, you may notice yellow spots forming. With synthetic turf, you can be sure your grass stays green throughout the year.

  • Variety of Style Options to Choose From

You can get the exact style of grass you want with artificial grass as there are many style options available. With the various textures, colors and blade lengths, you can be sure to find artificial grass that suits your aesthetic and functional preferences and needs.

  • Better Drainage

It is not uncommon after heavy rainfall for puddles and mud to form on natural lawns, making for an unseemly sight. Artificial grass is specially designed to drain better than natural grass, eliminating the problem of flooded and muddy lawns. They dry out faster than natural grass which translates to more time for outdoor activities.

So thining of switching to an artificial lawn or incorporating artificial grass throughout your landscape? Give FiveSTAR Landscape a call. We will be more than happy to assist you in your artificial grass project. Our experts are knowledgeable on all things related to artificial or synthetic grass and can guide you in all aspects of your artificial grass project. We offer a wide variety of synthetic grass types at budget-friendly prices. We service Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln. Contact us today!

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