Growing Moringa Trees Indoors & Outdoors

How to Grow Moringa Trees Indoors and Outdoors in Sacramento, CA (Zone 9b)

Growing Moringa Tree Indoors Sacramento

Growing Moringa Trees Indoors & Outdoors

Moringa Tree (Moringa Oleifera) AKA The Drumstick Tree

After hearing so much greatness about this tree, we had to see what it was all about. After doing much research online, there are mixed reviews on being able to grow this “Tree That Doesn’t Die”. With a name like that, you would think it would be easy but, many people have problems keeping it alive. This tree is an amazing all-around superfood and contains a wide variety of vitamins. We will cover all of the vitamins and fun stuff soon but this tree also goes by many different names.

Common Associated Names for the Moringa Tree

  • Tree of Life
  • Moringa Tree
  • Moringa Oleifera (wiki)
  • Drumstick Tree
  • Horseradish Tree (The Roots Resemble Horseradish)
  • Benzoil Tree

Vitamins and Nutrients in the Moringa Tree

There is a difference between Moringa Tree (Power Leaf) and Moringa Tree (Raw Leaf). Below is an overview on the general vitamins found in the Moringa Tree. For a complete overview on how to eat and consume Moringa Trees, check out this article:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

Where to Buy Moringa Trees/ Seeds?

You can find Moringa Trees from local farmers throughout Sacramento, San Francisco and the Central Valley in California. We purchased our Morniga Trees from a local farm outside of Sacramento, CA inNichlous, CA. You can also buy Moringa Trees on Amazon and many other online retailers. There are also hundreds of retailers that sell the Moringa seed. You can buy the seed from just about anywhere online. Just Google “Buy Moringa Seeds”. Here is a link to some very highly rated Moringa Tree seeds on Amazon, although we have not used them.

Buy Moringa Trees in Sacramento, CA:
Friday and Saturday 11AM to 3PM
**Call or text before** (916) 502-3047
1968 Nicolaus Ave. Nicolaus, CA 95659

How much are Moringa Trees?

  • 8-12 Inches: $10-$15 each
  • 13-24 Inches: $20-$25 each

Growing Moringa Tree Indoors

Moringa Trees like it warm and humid. In order to have a successful Moringa Tree harvest, you want lush green leaf and lots of it. Seeing how this tree is a rather thin branched and thin-leafed tree, you want as many stems as possible to harvest to most Moringa Power as you can. To get these trees large and full, you need almost perfect conditions, especially indoors.

Indoor Lighting for Moringa Trees

Indoor Lighting for Moringa Trees

Indoor Plant Gow Light for Moringa Trees indoors

  • Natural Day Light Nex to a Window
  • + Additional LED Grow light will be best!

The Light We Choose: TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb, Grow Plant Light for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic (E26 12w 3 Bands)

We are in the middle of winter here in Sacramento and it is rather cold, so wanted to do something to warm these guys up. We have a simple floor lamp set-up with 1600 Lumen CFL lights for warmth that surround the TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb. If you do not have the lights, you will probably not be able to grow the Moringa Tree indoors, they will drop leaves extremely fast is you have no light on them. We just wanted to be safe and warm the trees up just a tad.

We will also be adding a humidifier to add some humidity to the air to stimulate growth. Once the Moringa Trees acclimates to their new home, we will then begin to cut them down to promote new growth. For now, lets move to the humidity that we are providing for these Morniga Trees.

Humidity Option For Moringa Trees (Indoors) #1

Plant Tray with Rocks and Water for Humidity

Humidity For Moringa Trees (Indoors)

Sacramento is a great location for Moringa Trees if they are located outside. The humidity levels in Sacramento (Zone 9b) are great outside for growing trees like the Moringa Tree. If however, your Moringa Trees are inside, you will need to manage the humidity levels and if not manage, at least create some humidity. There are many options for creating humidity indoors for house plants.

Options for Humidity for Moringa Trees

  • Misting
  • Grouping Moringas Together
  • Humidifier
  • Adding Rocks/ Pebbles in a plant tray

In the image above you can see that we used a simple plant tray and some rocks from around the house. A very simple and affordable way to create great levels of humidity for your Moringa Trees.

Humidity Option For Moringa Trees (Indoors) #2

We decided to purchase a Humidifier (Mospro2.8 Liter Tank and two 360 Degree Rotatable Outlets)

Growing Moringa Trees Indoors (Humidifier)

Growing Moringa Trees Indoors (Humidifier)

This Mospro humidifier is a beast, this thing pushes out some serious humidity. This Ultrasonic Humidifier made by Mospro features a 2.8 Liter Tank and two 360 Degree Rotatable Outlets on the top which really help to focus humidity in one certain area of the plant. This humidifier is also whisper-quiet and has a waterless automatic shut-off Function. This humidifier also has the possibility of using essential oils, which we tried and it kinda sucks for essential oils. If you are looking for a humidifier for essential oils, do not buy this. You will better off getting a DoTerra diffuser, they kick ass.

Day 15 – Growing Moringa Tree Indoors (HOLY COW!)

Before the TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb and the Mospro Humidifier

Growing Moringa Tree Indoors

After the TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb and the Mospro Humidifier

Growing Moringa Trees Indoors (Day 15)

Well after much debate of either letting the Moringa Tree die-off or turning a corner of our house into a jungle, we opted for a jungle. We knew the Moringa Trees needed high humidity and I felt like the rocks in the tray just were not going to cut it. We were right, after just having the rocks in the tray for humidity, it was not enough. With only water in a rock tray, one of the trees leaves completely fell off. It was a bummer, but they will grow back : ).

After adding the humidifier and the TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb, the Moringa Trees took off and where the light was focused, those leaves got huge. If you are looking to grow moringa trees indoors, follow this recipe and you will be really excited!! It works.

Growing Moringa Trees Outdoors in Sacramento

If you are going to grow Moringa Trees outdoors in Sacramento, San Francisco, North Bay Area or Northern California, you need to know and understand the climate changes. You do have some options when it comes to growing Moringa Trees outdoor in Sacramento, though.

Option 1: Leave the Moringa Tree outdoor all year long.

If you leave the Moringa Tree outdoors in Sacramento or Northern California all year long, it will drop all of its leaves and branches come the colder months (August, September, October). Once the Moringa Tree drops under 70/60 degrees in Sacramento, you will notice the leaves turning yellow and eventually all of the leaves and branches will fall off. This is ok and perfectly normal. Once the warmer months come around, the Moringa Tree will start to reproduce new branches and leaves.

You also can cut the Moringa Tree down to a stump (2-5″) to promote a new stock, branches and leaves that will produce more foliage than the year before.

Option 2: Bring the Moringa Tree inside during the colder months.

Your other option is to bring the Moringa Tree inside before the colder months start approaching. If you have your Moringa Tree outside all summer in Sacramento, you want to bring it inside come August. Doing this will allow you to nurture your Moringa Tree and train it to perform better come the warmer months when you bring it outside.

The Goal of Growing Moringa Trees

The goal here is to promote growth and harvest the Moringa Tree leaf. To promote leaf growth, we want to either cut down the Moringa or introduce more nitrogen in the soil. We will probably do both.

This will be an ongoing post, so if you arrive here early, just know that more is coming soon. We will be updating this post and documenting the growth production on the Moringa Trees shakes out.

4 thoughts on “Growing Moringa Trees Indoors & Outdoors in Sacramento, CA

  1. shannen says:

    Hi, are you selling Moringa tree ? i would love to get one if you do. i live in the bay area but my family is in sacramento area and i travel there often. please let me know.
    thank you and God bless,



    Thank you for your wonderful post. I am considering growing Moringa Trees in Somerset, El Dorado county (Wine Country). The purpose would be to grow for the oil from the seeds. Do you know if the climate would be ok (I am new to California and farming).

    • Bgreene says:

      They are easy to grow if you have a greenhouse throughout the year. Or you can grow them indoors, just throw a heat light on them once in a while. What I have in the post is an extreme example. If you leave the trees outside and the cold comes, they will lose their leaves. They will come back in the summer months but this is a difficult little tree unless you have the perfect environment.

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