Welcome to Slightly Organic

Welcome to Slightly Organic, where everything is not always Organic

Well we would officially like to welcome you to the slightly organic food blog. On here, we hope to help share our wealth of knowledge on food and sometimes slightly organic recipes. 

Why Slightly Organic?

We decided on the name Slightly Orgainc for a number of reasons. 1. It was AWESOME. 2. We don’t cook with ingredients that are ALWAYS organic. Instead, we TRY to cook with all organic ingredients. 3. We wanted organic in the name because we really do strive to cook with mostly organic ingredients. 

Who is the Greene Family?

The Greene family is made up of many individuals who love to cook and most importantly, share our love for cooking with each other. 

There are many people in the Greene Family. Too many to list on the introduction to our blog so we will save that for the about us page. 

Why another good blog?

Whe take a ton of food pictures and share them with friends and family. 

So, why not a blog. 🙂 

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