What Exactly is Poo Pourri?

What Is Poo Pourri
What Is Poo Pourri? Deodorizing Poop Spray

Poo Pourri is a bathroom Air Freshener and Deodorizing Poop Spray that kills the scent of poo

Poo Pourri is a product with a funny-sounding name and a very serious purpose. You see, it is a terrible and brutal fact of life that we all have to poop sometimes, and quite often this process creates smells that are not entirely pleasant. At least when you’re alone at home you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed about the smell of your poop, but what about when you’re at work? Are you supposed to just hold it in all day? What about when you’re over at a friend’s house? It’s no fun being the person who stinks up the bathroom, and nobody really likes that person anyway. Or when you’re at a party and you really have to go – have you ever been embarrassed to leave the restroom because you don’t want anyone to find out that it was you who made that terrible smell? Well, fear no more! Poo Pourri is a magical and life-saving (or at least friend-saving) product that lets you poop in peace without worrying about stinking up the whole place.

How does Poo Pourri work?

Poo Pourri is an oil-based fragrance with other ingredients that you spritz into the toilet bowl before you do your business. As everyone who has ever done kindergarten science experiments knows, Essential Oils and water do not mix. This means that the scented oil you spray into the toilet bowl isn’t going to dissolve into the water – instead, it will make a barrier over the water that will prevent smells from escaping.

How does Poo Pourri Work?
How does Poo Pourri Work?

But does it really work? Yes it does!

Unlike many air fresheners that are used in bathrooms, Poo Pourri doesn’t just try to cover up bad smells with artificial good smells. Regular air fresheners in the bathroom tend to just make the whole place smell very strongly of poop and flowers. And while poop and flowers is at least a better smell than just poop alone, it’s still much, much worse than just not having to smell poop at all. Poo Pourri harnesses the power of essential oils to keep the smell of the poop from ever escaping into the air. At the same time, the pure and strong scent of essential oils also means that the scent in your bathroom won’t have any of the artificial, chemically smell that regular air fresheners often have.

Why are essential oils so important?

Essential oils are nature’s way to freshen our homes, clean up messes, and even kill germs. They smell amazing and don’t have the carcinogenic compounds that artificial, chemical fragrances often have. Many essential oils are powerful antiseptic and antibiotic agents, meaning that they kill germs and microbes extremely effectively. A lot of natural housekeepers rely on essential oils to disinfect their homes, and scientific studies have shown that certain essential oils can do this just as well or even better than conventional chemical disinfectants.

Essential oils kill germs

Why does that matter for bathroom smells? Because – it’s kind of gross but we’re going to say it anyway – that terrible poop smell is caused by bacteria. Your intestines are colonized by millions of bacteria, and that’s a good thing. Beneficial bacteria help you digest your food and make sure that you absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat. But they also release stinky-smelling gases, as we all know, and they make our poop stink. Essential oils not only trap the smell using the interaction of oil and water, but they also kill bacteria so that any stinky smells that might escape from regular oil get caught and killed by the powerful essential oils. This is the magical ingredient that makes Poo Pourri work like nothing else!

Can I make my own Poo Pourri?

If you’re a DIY sort and don’t mind taking the time to create your very own DIY Poo Pourri Recipes, you can save money by mixing your own essential oil blends, putting them in a spray bottle with water, and spraying them in the toilet before you go. Some people use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol to help keep the oils suspended in water. Experiment and find the scent combinations that you love best!

DIY Poo Pourri Recipe and Ingredients

DIY Poo Pourri Recipe Step by Step
DIY Poo Pourri Recipe Step by Step