Shoe Pourri: The Best Shoe Odor Eliminator

Poo Pourri is perfect for taking away nasty bathroom odors, but did you know that Poo Pourri also has a product called Shoe Pourri for your shoes? Shoe Pourri is Poo Pourri’s version of a shoe spray. This shoe spray can be used to get rid of even the most stubborn and disgusting shoe smells.

Shoe Pourri Shoe Spray


It’s one of the most distinctive odors on the planet: the rank, sticky smell that permeates a room when someone takes off a pair of shoes that their feet have been ripening in all day. It’s bad with closed shoes like loafers, and with tennis shoes or running shoes, it can pretty much knock anyone over in a fifty-foot radius.

Stinky feet can be a sign of health problems such as athlete’s foot. You can (and should) use any of dozens of different home remedies to treat the odor-causing fungus on your feet. You can bathe your feet in rubbing alcohol, soak them in Epsom salts, exfoliate them with baking soda, and even sleep with onions in your socks to help combat your foot stank. As a bonus, many of these natural remedies also help you become healthier overall.

But then when you go and put your feet back in your shoes, the whole process starts over again. Your feet sweat inside the confines of your shoes, and the moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for fungus to grow again. Then you take your shoes off after a long day of letting them marinade, and you once again smell the fragrance of stinky feet filling the air.

Sure there are some crude ways to get rid of your shoe smell, but with poo pourri shoe spray, you can have a super quick and easy way to rid of your shoe smell. You don’t have to worry about your shoe stink anymore! A couple of sprays of beautiful smelling shoe spray and your shoes will smell like roses. Stick your nose right up to them; all you will smell is the pleasant aroma of flowers and essential oils.

How Does Shoe Pourri Help With Shoe Odor Removal?

How Does Shoe Pourri Work

What exactly is Poo-Pourri shoe spray? Well, Shoe Pourri is a shoe spray made from real essential oils. These gifts from nature cover up and mask the stinky smell of sweaty feet, and then they get to work killing the germs and fungus that cause the stinky smell in the first place.

From the first spray, you’ll notice your shoes smelling nice, instead of stinky. As you continue to usePoo Pourri shoe spray, you’ll see that the nasty shoe smell doesn’t come back, because the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in the essential oils create a clean environment inside your shoes.

Use Poo Pourri Shoe Spray to Spray Your Feet Too!

You can mist Poo-Pourri shoe spray lightly on your feet to help kill germs and just give you a lift, especially after a long day of work. If you are using a scent such as Thieves or cinnamon, use a carrier oil such as coconut oil to protect your skin from the cinnamon oil, which can be very irritating when used directly on the skin.

Can I Just Use Febreze Instead of Shoe-Pourri?

Well, you can, but you won’t get the long-term benefits. A chemical solution that just covers up and traps odors will make your shoes smell nice for one day, but it doesn’t do anything actually to kill the germs that are causing the odors. Besides, essential oils just smell better than chemical perfumes anyway!

Better than using Febreze, why not just make your own Shoe Pourri?

How to Make Shoe Spray Sachets

You can get even more benefit and long-lasting odor protection per drop of shoe spray by mixing up an essential oils shoe sachet. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 cup dry oats or rice
  • 2 socks
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Poo Pourri shoe spray or essential oils of your choice
  • Spray oats or rice with shoe spray until barely moistened (about five pumps), or add 5-7 drops of essential oils to oats or rice and mix.
  • Spoon the mixture into the two socks, about ½ cup in each.
  • Fasten the socks with rubber bands.
  • Place in shoes. Voila! You have heavenly smelling shoe sachets.

These shoe sachets will help to absorb the moisture from your shoes every night, which contributes to creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Those stinky little bugs like warm, moist areas and essential oil shoe sachets turn your shoes into deliciously scented little deserts. When your sachets start to lose their scent, just add a few more drops of essential oils to refresh them!

Shoe Pourri Spray Can Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Many people just give up on their shoes when they start to get stinky and replace them. It’s conventional wisdom that once your shoes start providing a vacation home for smelly microbes, those microbes are there to stay. Fortunately, you don’t have to throw out your gym shoes just yet. Attack the problem at the source and add some ingredients that smell good while you’re doing it with Shoe Pourri (Poo Pourri) Shoe Spray!