Toodaloo Potty Perfume Review and Overview

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What is Toodaloo Toilet Perfume and Spray?

Very similar to the ever so famous brand “Poo-Pourri” comes a new face in the toilet game. Toodaloo Potty Perfume is the new game changer that challenges the poo-pourri line up of toilet sprays. Although Toodaloo Potty Perfume only has three scents, they are packing some serious odor blocking power in the bathroom. Toodaloo Potty Perfume is the odor preventative toilet spray that traps embarrassing odors at the outset, leaving the toilet bowl and bathroom fresh smelling with no hint of #2 odor. For the home bathroom or for use on the go, Toodaloo Potty Perfume proprietary blend of essential oils and odor neutralizing technology provides superior odor protection that lets you go with go with an air of confidence.

  • Step 1. Shake well, then spritz 3-4 times onto the toilet bowl water before going #2
  • Step 2. Wait a second for the science stuff to happen
  • Step 3. Say goodbye to odor and embarrassment

What is Toodaloo Toilet Perfume Review

The actual product its self, kicks ass… no pun intended. It is very similar to Poo-Pourri; however, the products and volume of liquid is much larger. The difference of Toodaloo Potty Perfume and poo-pourri is that Toodaloo Potty Perfume offers 3 different sizes per each scent.

Toodaloo Toilet Perfume Scents

Fragrant Disregard

  • Fresh, clean smell of white tea lemongrass, you can make it obvious that you give a crap without making it obvious that you gave one.

Deux Not Disturb

  • Smooth cashmere woods

Scents & Sensibility

  • Elegant and oh-so-feminine blend of honeysuckle and freesia should do the trick.

Toodaloo Potty Perfume Review