Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer & Eliminator Review

Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer - Review

Shoe Pourri – Shoe Odor Eliminator by Rocket Pure

If you suffer from malodorous feet, you’re not alone. Many people have stinky feet, and all of them are embarrassed about it. Foot odor and shoe odor make people think that you have bad hygiene, but all they really mean is that your feet sweated in your shoes at some point and a colony of bacteria and fungi took up residence in the fabric of your shoes. And since putting your shoes through the washer breaks them down if they’re canvas and totally destroys them if they’re leather, most people don’t even think about cleaning their shoes after they take them off for the day. If this is the case with you, consider the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer for your shoes.

Who gets stinky feet?

Athletes, laborers, people who wear closed shoes to the office, anyone who sweats, ever, people who wear socks, people who don’t wear socks, people who are fit, people who are overweight – basically, if you wear shoes, you are at risk for getting stinky feet. If your shoes ever get damp, either from sweat, the rain, or any other reason, they are at risk for getting stinky. And if you put great smelling feet in stinky shoes, or stinky feet in brand new shoes, they’re both going to be stinky.

So what can you do?

There are tons of remedies for stinky feet. If you do not want to spend the money on shoe deoderizer, you can probably so a DIY Shoe Pourri Project at home with simple homemade ingredients. Bathe them in Epsom salts, douse them with rubbing alcohol, use a foot fungus cream. All of these are remedies that can be effective against your stinky feet. But no matter what you do, once you put your feet back in your stinky shoes, all the bacteria and fungus that you worked so hard to kill will be right back.

As for the shoes, you can get them clean or you can replace them. Getting them clean is hard, and replacing them is expensive. That’s where the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer Shoe-Pourri shoe odor spray comes in.

What is shoe spray?

Shoe Spray is kind of mix between Poo-Pourri and Shoe Pourri, the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer and Shoe-Pourri  is a mixture of essential oils that are designed to kill bacteria and fungus, and to restore your shoes to their appropriate freshness. Most essential oils are antibacterial and antimicrobial. Some essential oils are really powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. They go after germs like it’s their jobs. Those are the essential oils you’ll find in shoe odor spray.

4oz Spray – Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer & Eliminator

Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer Ingredients

Rocket Pure Shoe Odor spray is made with a proprietary blend of the following powerful cleaners:

  • Mint essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Thyme essential oil

Not only does this Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer blend smell fantastic, but it goes to work hardcore killing all the germs that grow during a day of letting your feet stew in your shoes. The difference between essential oils the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer Sprays and other kinds of shoe sprays is that regular chemicals and perfumes just cover up the smell, but essential oils get to the root of the problem and kill the germs.

How do you use shoe spray and foot spray?

It’s really simple to use the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer – shoe and foot deodorizer spray. Spray it on your feet and rub it in, and spray it in your shoes and let them dry. Rocket Pure Shoe Odor Spray feels incredibly soothing and cooling on your feet. The peppermint essential oil gives an energizing icy sensation, like sticking your feet in a bucket of ice water on a hot day, but without the ligament aches that ice water causes.

Some people use shoe odor eliminator once a week, some use it twice, and some use it every other day. If you work construction or have a job where you sweat in your shoes all day long, you may want to use it every day. There is no danger to using it too much, except to your foot fungus.

Even if your feet don’t feel sweaty, you may be suffering from the effects of bacteria and fungus. Scaly, dry, itchy skin is a sign of fungal infection. It’s counter-intuitive since fungus requires a moist environment to live, but the Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer shoe pourri spray can help with dry, cracked feet as well as overly sweaty feet. You’ll be amazed at how healthy and smooth your feet feel just by restoring your skin to a healthy balance and putting your feet in clean shoes.

Won’t it make my shoes smell funky?

This is an entirely legitimate concern. Mint is not exactly a traditional cologne fragrance. Many people wonder if they’re going to end up smelling like a dentist’s office. In fact, the woody smell of thyme and the pungent cleanness of eucalyptus balance out the minty freshness. Your shoes will smell clean, not perfumed.

And as bad as it smells to cover up something stinky with perfume, that doesn’t happen at all with shoe deodorizing spray. The spray gives a strong clean smell, but it also kills the germs that cause the odors in the first place. So instead of smelling minty-stinky feet, you’ll just be smelling clean.

Set your feet free and say goodbye to embarrassing, unhealthy foot odors forever! Our only warning about essential oils shoe spray is this: once you start using it, you’re never going to want to stop.

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