Shoe Pourri (Brand) Review Vs. DIY Shoe Pourri

Shoe Pourri Review Vs DIY Shoe Pourri

Have you tried poo pourri yet?

It’s an amazing product whose commercials are viral hits on YouTube, and are so funny that lots of people don’t even realize that it’s a real product that actually works.

Well, we’re here to tell you: it’s a real product, and it actually works!

There’s a really simple way to convince a poo pourri skeptic that poo spray is the real deal: just have them try it. That’s really all you have to do. Spritz five sprays into the toilet bowl and then do your stinky. The first time you smell flowers instead of yesterday’s Mexican food, you’ll be a believer. Whether you are using the official Poo-Pourri Brand or making a DIY Poo Spray Recipe, either way, your bathroom will no longer stink.

Here at, we’ve been hip to the joys of using poop spray for a while now. It’s really nice to be able to take a dump without letting the whole office know all the gory details of your intestinal health. When you’re ready to lay a big stinker, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that you’ve got some poo spray to cover your backside.

Does the Shoe-Pourri Work?

Poo Pourri - Shoe Pourri (DIY)

We’ll admit, though, that we had some doubts about Shoe Pourri. Would it really work, or is it just an extra product they put out to piggyback on the success of the original Poo Pourri? We also wanted to see the difference between Shoe-Pourri and DIY Shoe Pourri.

The Verdict: It works!

Just like the way that it only took one spray to become convinced that Poo Pourri is the Best Thing Ever, it just took one use to become convinced that we’re never going to be able to wear shoes again without having Shoe Pourri on hand.

All you have to do is spray a few squirts into your stinky sneakers to take that horrible, breathtaking shoe smell and turn it into flowers. If you are looking for the best shoe odor eliminator spray, you may want to consider Shoe-Pourri (the brand) or Rocket Pure Shoe Oder Deodorizer.

Not only does Shoe Pourri cover up the smell of stinky feet, but it also kills the germs that cause the nasty odor in the first place. That means that instead of just masking the smell, you actually get to the root of the problem.

Now don’t take this as a guarantee that your shoes will never smell again

Every time you put your feet in them, especially in warm weather, the sweat from your feet creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and these stinky little microbes take up residence both in your skin and in the layers of fabric and foam that make up your shoes.

You’re going to have to keep fighting these germs, because they will grow again when you put your nasty feet in your shoes and let them stew for a few hours. It’s rather like a toilet – you have to clean it multiple times, not just once.

In fact, shoes are like toilets in quite a few ways. They’re stinky, and they’re embarrassing, and the last thing you want is for the people you’re with to be able to smell your business in them. So it makes sense that essential oil products like poo spray and shoe spray would work in both of them!

You can also use regular poop spray for your shoes.

If you aren’t ready to run out and buy a bottle of bespoke shoe spray just yet, you can always just squirt some poo spray in your shoes. It’s really the same stuff – essential oils and water – so regular poo pourri does just as great a job of fixing your foot reek as shoe pourri does.

Shoe-Pourri Vs. DIY Shoe Pourri (Which is Better?)

Honestly, I think the DIY ShoePourri with Essential Oils is much better. The main reason being; when you come home and take your shoes off, you put the shoe sachets in your shoes and let them site overnight.

If you are using the Poo Spray, though, you need to spray it into your shoes and let it dry out.

Why does this suck? 

Your shoes end up getting moist and its pretty gross when you put your feet in.

The Shoe Sachets are just all around much better. Why?

  • No Mess
  • Makes your entire house smell better
  • more conveinient
  • They last FOREVER

Click the image below to see the DIY Show Pourri Recipe

DIY Shoe Pourri Foot Sachets

Instead of spraying shoe pourri in your shoes when you come home every day, you can also use it to make convenient little foot sachets to pop in your shoes and keep them smelling great. Just take a cup of oats or rice, squirt with shoe spray or essential oils until it’s slightly damp, divide the mixture into two socks, and fasten them with rubber bands.

Take a look at our previous post on DIY Shoe-Pourri Recipe with Rice. This recipe is super easy and works like a charm. Plus, it makes your entire house smells like essential oils.

When you take off your shoes, place a sachet in each and the rice or oats will absorb the sweat and moisture from your shoes and leave them fresh. This is an especially good solution for your gym shoes, or any shoes that you tend to get super wet and sweaty. You don’t really want to be adding moisture to shoes that are already too moist to begin with.

Convince your friends that your feet don’t stink.

Check out the step by step Poo-Pourri Recipe by clicking the picture below.

DIY Shoe Pourri Recipe Sachets - Step by Step

Shoe Pourri does for your feet what Poo Pourri does for your butt: makes everyone think your stuff don’t stink. Be polite and keep your pride intact with shoe spray!

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